someone help customers !!!

It was very weird to me today.

I ordered Chromecast ultra 4k from Verizon web site then i decided to cancel the order I called this number 800-922-0204 I got this number from the customer service chat. then when I called an customer care representative talked to me and told me he couldn't cancel the order and I have to call this number 800-837-3966. I called this new number and a guy answered me and told me congratulation you are lucky we will cancel your order and send you a 100$ gift card just give me your credit card to pay 2$ fee for shipping the gift card. it was totally mess how a big company like Verizon hire people like that!! and how there is no tracking for these calls !!!

I believe that the first number is a Verizon number while the other one is not . it is just a scam number that the employee that answered me in the first call helped him to fraud customer. I just posted that to take care folk. it is not safe at all.

Re: someone help customers !!!

Hi hamada1,

800-922-0204 is the support number for Verizon Mobile.  800-837-4966 (800-VERIZON) is the number for Fios support.  800-837-3966 is not a Verizon number.