unfair pricing in same zip code

I recently renewed my version internet contract. I was given an offer of 100mbps for 59.99

I also got to know that a friend of mine who recently moved to another apartment nearby basically in the same zip code moved his existing internet and was given an offer of 200 Mbps for 44.99.

I amazed why I wasn’t offered the same plan despite spending over an hour with customer service.

Has anyone experienced the same? Can anyone help?

Re: unfair pricing in same zip code

Verizons pricing is not set in stone. They use different options depending on what they are offering or even by what the sales reps can get off the consumer.

i would bet not one customer has the exact same price for anything. It’s the way Verizon does business.

i have often said companies like Verizon would be better off having set constant pricing. In example a person getting just internet would pay something like 25/25 for $30 and 75/75 for $40 and 100/100 for $50 and 200/200 for $75 or gigabyte for a stable $100. But you see verizon wants to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible so you will have to play the greed game.

and other companies also play that game.