verizon fios commercial

This commercial is absolutly insuting to every grown man. SHe is just so smart that she is willing to replace her man. The arrogance comming from that women makes me sick and if I had verizon I would cancel on that alone. I understand advertising and I'm sure a man in his mid 40's is not the target audience for that commercial however, I am just so tired of these commercials that make men look like complete **bleep** because the women are just so smart and talented. I am by no means a feminist but C'mon its really getting out of hand. When are men gonna stand up and be men again. Verizon should consult me for ideas to help them advertise because these **bleep** they are paying make everyone look stupid. So verizon feel free to contact me I am reited NYC detective so I have the time and have experiece in consulting.

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This is a peer to peer support forum.

Verizon won't answer from here.

If you notice, a lot of sitcoms have the same premise.

They are just playing to what is popular.

May not be right, but reality.