why verizon sucks and i'll never use them again

last time i moved and kept verizon, they never shut off the account at the old residence and was automatically deducting the fees for that service from my bank account as well as the fees for the service at my new residence. once i discovered they were billing me twice, i had a hell of a time getting the fees back for old account even thought it was THEIR error. why would someone move and not shut off their old service? of course verizon tried to blame it on me. fortunately there are one or two employees that are reasonable. i actually had {word filter avoidance} tell me NO, IT IS YOUR FAULT BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T CATCH IT SOONER. I'M NOT FIXING THIS FOR YOU.

this time i moved and decided to shut off auto pay so they couldnt do that again and chose a different company for my phone and internet needs. Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me! my last bill came in through email (i have paperless billing) and i go to verizon to pay online. THEY WON'T LET ME! it's a final bill but i can't use one time payment and why would i set up autopay to pay ONE BILL? i can only pay somewhere in person or pay over the phone for a fee of $3.50. well go to hell Verizon. that is definitely no customer service and thanks for letting the door smack my **bleep** on the way out. you have lost a customer FOREVER. screw you!!!!

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