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Call Filter & Pixel Phones

I would like to understand why the Call Filter app has not been made available on Pixel phones after all this time? I have enabled the basic Call Filter in my Device setup on the website, but it only filters our "High Risk" spam and with no options to control it. It doesn't help! I have device protection which gives the Call Filter Plus, but I can't use it! COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!

Others have mentioned that Google has better spam protection. I agree in some cases, but lately I have received a ton of spoofed calls about my so-called "iCloud account", or my social security number has been suspended, etc. They all have the same area code and three digit prefix as my phone with the last four digits random. The Call Filter is NOT helping, and Google's screening service is failing to detect that these are robocalls. In fact, I am concerned that the screening service may be making it worse since someone "answers" and talks.

Today alone, I count 12 spoofed spam calls over about 4 hours. I am beyond frustrated that Verizon does NOT detect and stop these calls from ever reaching my phone! Instead Verizon is trying to make money on this. SHAME ON YOU!

Re: Call Filter & Pixel Phones
Customer Support

Hello HereticAZ,


I have a Google Pixel 3a and receive more than my fair share of unwanted calls as well. I truly understand your frustration. Google is able to dictate what apps are and aren't allowed on their phone. For all Google Experience Devices, our Call Filter app is unable to be installed. You can, however, still enroll in Call Filter Spam Block for your line of service. Click this link and look for "How do I enroll in Call Filter Spam Block (Wireless Home Phones, Basic Phones Google Pixels, Bring Your Own Devices only)"


Call Filter uses an existing database of known spam numbers to pre-emptively stop known spammers from calling your phone. As spammers become more sophisticated, this tool is constantly being improved. Because of this, we are unable to guarantee all spam calls will be detected. 


Since you have a Google Pixel phone, Google provides their own version of spam detection. When a known or suspected spam number is calling you, your phone will display this warning with the caller ID information. You can adjust these Google settings by going to the phone app >> Settings >> Spam and Call Screen. You can also mark spam calls in your call history logs. I've done this with every spam call I've received (I have received a huge amount over the past 1.5 years) which helps improve Google's database. You can also change how your phone screens your calls automatically for you to reduce the amount of unwanted calls (in that same Settings section). 


Does this information help?


- ChristopherM_VZW

Re: Call Filter & Pixel Phones


My name is Chris, and I'm an Indirect employee facing the same issue. Although the response here is more verbose than other explanations I've seen, it still fails to paint the full picture. Verizon offers this product to its customers and controls the blocking on a carrier level, meaning that the numbers in the user's Call Filter App blocklist are blocked before reaching the device. This in no way would conflict with Google's existing architecture. The second point I have is that Google's implementation is not far-reaching enough for some people. As smart as the Google Assistant is, and for all it does, there is no control to fully block numbers that have no contact on the device, which is helpful for people dealing with a personal stalker or abuser that abuses the system by creating TextNow or other e-numbers to repeatedly contact their victims. 

If Google truly did not want the app installed on their Pixels, they would simply pull it from the Play Store entirely. Is there any insight or verbatim statement from Google's team on why the app does not meet the standards? As an indirect rep, it makes it hard to sell a product (VZP) that partially doesn't work for some of our customers.