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'Free' Google Home Mini - Not Really

So I placed an online order for (2) Google Pixel 2's on 10/9 and received a confirming email of that order from Verizon. I patiently waited for another email confirming shipment of the phones but as of yesterday morning (19th) nothing.  During this waiting time I had been trying to get order status information on the Verizon website but every time I got an 'internal server error' message.  So yesterday the 19th I finally started calling Verizon customer service numbers to check the status of my order.  After calling several different phone numbers I finally got a sales person that could look up my order.  Well low and behold it showed it had been cancelled on 10/13 and that I should have been notified but was not.  Who knows why it was cancelled, no one seems to know.  Anyway during the phone conversation they were able to look up my order and restart it, should have the new phones on Monday.  So I asked about the free Google Home Mini's offer which according to the Verizon promo ended on 10/18.  After several minutes the sales person got back on the phone and said yes the promotion ended on the 18th but if I wanted to pay for the Google Home Mini's upfront they would give me a credit that could be applied to my account at a future date.  I shouldn't have to pay anything up front to get these, I placed my pre-order during the dates in the promotion but Verizon cancelled my order and didn't notify me of it.

I am moving from At&t to Verizon and when I found out that my order had been cancelled and I wasn't notified I almost changed my mind about switching.  Hopefully I am not making a mistake jumping carriers.  

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Re: 'Free' Google Home Mini - Not Really
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Did you pay for the Google Minis? Yikes, I personally would not have paid for them, and I would find it completely unacceptable that I had to do so to get them. Further - I would not trust a verbal from a customer service rep. Not that the person is dishonest in anyway, but in the forums, there's plenty of evidence of other people experiencing problems with promotions of various types, to be promised "credits on their bills" and then they don't get the credit - probably because the system isn't really designed to do that.

If it were me experiencing this because of Verizon's poorly operating website for the status check that wouldn't work, and Verizon cancelling my order and also not being able to tell me why (some computer glitch - don't assume they didn't want to honor said promotion), write to Ken Dixon:

Leadership | About Verizon

Personally, the device seems like a needless gimic, like the Amazon echo. I'd rather use my phone, or better yet, my computer.

Good luck.

Re: 'Free' Google Home Mini - Not Really
Customer Support

We are always here to help stef7. I appreciate you taking the time to help out your fellow community members.




I apologize for all the inconvenience this has caused. This is definitely not the way we want to start things off. Let's get this taken care of, and keep you with VZW. Please reply to the Direct Message I just sent you so we may further assist.



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Re: 'Free' Google Home Mini - Not Really

I experienced as very similar situation. I ordered my google pixel during the promotion with free next day delivery and google home mini. Never did I recieve my phone next day nor did I till this day receive a google home mini. So they compromised with me and said they would send me a $50 gift card instead , which is what not what i wanted but that’s the best they could offer. I was told I would receive the card in 2 weeks, never got. Called over and over about and kept getting told it’s on it’s way. Than finally was told they would not provide me a gift card nor a google home mini regardless of the fact I bought the google pixel due to this promo. Verizon had failed me , most upsetting customer service on top. I was spoke to a representative once that treated me like [removed] , like it was  my fault that I didnt receive the google mini nor the gift card on time. The best they could do was give a $50 credit to my account after all these days. Still goes to prove Verizon’s promo department is a complete fraud and I will share this with anyone who decides to go with Verizon during their holiday offers Or for any Verizon service for that matter. All I wanted was your word on my google home mini promo , it’s the principle of the matter and you failed. My family and I will be leaving this companies outrageous service and it’s fees to something more affordable where internet doesn’t cost you a mortgage rate. Its been long over due.

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Re: 'Free' Google Home Mini - Not Really
Customer Support



We don't want you to leave the VZW team, our goal is to provide you with exceptional customer service 24/7. I understand that you've had an undesirable experience with receiving your Google Home Mini, but received a $50 account credit that is actually more than the current pricing for the Google Home Mini at this time. I want to make sure that we have you on the best plan that fits your needs at an affordable cost. Here's a link that will assist you with obtaining the Google Home Mini For us to fully assist, respond to the private message.



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