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Re: Pixel OEM Unlocking Support

Not true!

Here's a couple of MANY examples of verizon blocking root.

Samsung phones... They are using the snapdragon version in the USA because of VZW just so it can't be rooted.

The pixel and pixel xl bought from google, paid in full.  If you insert a verizon sim it will update, lock the bootloader forever and gray out the option.  If you root before inserting a verizon sim then you can root all day.

Verizon used to block root because "tethering" but now that's a regular feature.

Now they claim it's for security except a rooted phone can be made more secure than one that isn't AND if you're rooting then you probably are a power user and know what you're doing.

Re: Pixel OEM Unlocking Support

"No strait answer has been received from Verizon regarding this issue to date."

We have gotten a straight answer.  They are against it.  They have said as much.

Also I had a rooted htc one m8 and the sim died... After a user of "troubleshooting" (I told the guy I just needed a sim) he figured out it was unlocked.

Now that's unlocked NOT rooted but when he saw the open padlock icon the Verizon guy literally threw my phone across the counter at me and told me to leave.

I drove 15 min to another store and told them I needed a new sim card.  2 min later I walked out no questions asked.

Re: Pixel OEM Unlocking Support

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