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Text Messages via WiFi?

Hi Have a Pixel 5.

I am traveling to Europe.  Since the Pixel supports dual SIM cards, I have installed a Google Fi eSIM which I intend to use in Europe.  When I get to Europe I will deactivate the Verizon SIM.

Can I access my Verizon text messages on the web via WiFi?

I know that the Google messages app supposedly supports web access but does it work from the same phone where the 2 SIM cards are installed - perhaps via Chrome?

How about the Verizon Messages+ app? Can I use that in Europe even though my Verizon SIM will not be active?

Re: Text Messages via WiFi?
Customer Support

That is an excellent question, deb27. You can view your text messages from Message+ on our website. Here is a link with more information on how to do so:

If you would like to use your Verizon Wireless service including text messages while outside the country, we highly recommend setting up an international plan with us before you go to ensure you get the most out of your plan, and so you know the costs. You can get your international plan set up using this link: