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Update 8.1.0 wrecked my phone

Everything was completely fine until I let this update install last week. Suddenly the phone keeps overheating, shutting itself off, can't make and receive calls, and voice-to-text does not work. I have tried isolating any "trouble" apps and updating ones with outstanding updates. People call me and I answer, and we can't hear one another. I have to reset the device more than a dozen times a day to get a call to go through or because it freezes.

This was a replacement device in November when device #1 completely died deader than a doornail, so I'm losing confidence in the Pixel here.

I have had similar issues with other updates or security patches, but this one has combined every issue into one disaster. Previously when this kind of thing has happened, another updates soon follows and the problem is fixed. Nothing else happened to explain this, no other event or new apps. One day it was fine, update was installed, and suddenly the phone does not work without restarting it (or it restarting itself) over and over and over.

I don't know what to do here. I don't have all day to spend on the phone repeating troubleshooting steps. I'm not due for a new phone anytime soon. Will there be another update to fix the update??

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Re: Update 8.1.0 wrecked my phone
Customer Support

It’s terribly upsetting to read about all that happened to you since the update, Meenadirtqueena. You’ve taken great steps to help isolate the issue. I want to be sure I understand fully. You made sure there are no outstanding app updates, but did you fully erase the phone to factory original settings, then run it with no apps installed? What were those results? You can follow this page to keep up to date on the latest updates. I submitted this example to our forums so that Google can work on improvements to the next update.




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Re: Update 8.1.0 wrecked my phone

I am having the same issues with my phone!!!  So glad to read this - I contacted Verizon and Google to no avail.  Have you been able to resolve this issue?  I didn't realize it was related to an Android version update. I originally had a Pixel phone in November 2016, and the same thing happened w/in less than a year.  Now, it has happened with the "replacement" phone that Verizon gave me in less than 6 months!  It is incredibly frustrating, as I cannot call anyone or receive calls.  For a while, I could reboot the phone and the microphone would work for 5-10 minutes at a time (although not everytime).  Also, the phone heats up and shuts down.  I also cannot hear anything - so can't watch videos or receive any calls either.  The phone randomly freezes.  Also, it flashes "No Sim Card" in the upper left corner of the status bar as it's booting up.  Would love to hear if you've been able to get Verizon or Google to do anything about this.  Many thanks!

Re: Update 8.1.0 wrecked my phone

Also, I have spent hours on the phone with both Google and Verizon - they've asked me to do factory resets multiple times, which has not worked either. Smiley Sad  At this point, I need to buy another phone - but this one is still under my installment plan.

Re: Update 8.1.0 wrecked my phone

I've experienced the same problem. My Nexus 6P worked perfectly until 8.1. Now it:

-- Experiences rapid battery drain

-- Overheats and randomly restarts

-- Won't connect to the LTE network (4G)