After an update data usage was used for photos!

So, after an update in September, my photo sync, which was set for wifi only, had the mobile data turned on! The only reason. I knew that all my photos and videos were uploaded was because I seen the data usage on my phone! I want to know how or why this was turned on and what I can do to get this fixed? I thought I caught it J. Time and turned it off, but since I am on a business account, I didn't! How can my boss fight this and get this fixed? 

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Re: After an update data usage was used for photos!
Customer Service Rep

We certainly understand your concern, JakerR. Any update to a phone can cause application settings to change. It is recommended if you haven't done so, change the setting back, so it is on Wi-Fi only. Your boss can contact the account rep directly or call 1-800-922-0204.