Android 10 Battery Drain Issues with Pixel 2 XL

Like MANY users, I have encountered severe battery drain issues on my Pixel 2 XL after the Android 10 OTA upgrade. 

Research indicates there's a new build (the "C3" version) of Android 10 that fixes this problem but so far it has not pushed to my phone.

I've also seen that Google is replacing some Pixels over this issue, but the premier service is only for Google store purchases. What is Verizon's policy to address this?

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Re: Android 10 Battery Drain Issues with Pixel 2 XL
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Battery issues are not what we want for you. We'll be more than happy to troubleshoot this concern in an attempt to improve your battery experience. Provide us with specific details about your experience with your battery life. How often do you use your device? I'd like for you to perform a Device Health Check and advise us of results



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