Audible app will not download over mobile data
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My audible app downloads 5-12 MB of a book, and then stops.  App eventually says network error.  I feel Instagram barely works over mobile data, no idea how to give a concrete measurement of its performance.  Basically I can't scroll down past the original load in of the feed.

  Audible works fine over WiFi and through a VPN while on the mobile network. If I manually change the "preferred network type" in my Android mobile settings, audible will again download a chunk, then stop, once it reconnects.  I can repeatedly do this to get a whole book.  

I have changed phones (but not brand/model), changed sim card, reinstalled audible, sideloaded older versions of audible, reset network connections, refreshed audible app, tried multiple books, changed all setting in audible.. and I'm sure I've done other things I'm sure as this has been going on for a couple months that I've noticed, in multiple locations, and I've gone through support for hours with amazon/audible, google, and verizon.  Tier two verizon got me off the phone by having me try another sim card, which did not work. Was told by verizon no throttling was happening.

  Phone is pixel xl.  Android 10.  I am not over or near any of my data thresholds.  I am on the older "go unlimited" plan (I think that's what it's called, advertised as full access up to 22 gigs from how I read it, might be called something else)

  Other apps are difficult to gauge their performance over mobile, but there may be other issues.

Thank you for reading and thinking about this, I've had my fill of it.


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Re: Audible app will not download over mobile data
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First, I want to thank you for sharing all this helpful information with us. We want you to enjoy your Audible App, Instagram, and all the great features on your device. Keeping you connected is our number one goal, and I'm sorry you've been experiencing problems with your line. I assure you we will do all the research necessary to get this resolved for you. Are there any other lines on the account experiencing the same problem? Is this happening in a specific location? Can I please have the nearest intersection to the problem location and city?
Thank you for working with us.