BOGO scammed
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20 months ago I purchased 2 pixel 3xls on a Verizon BOGO. I understand that per the contract I was locked into service for 24 months with 24 month device payments.  With 4 months left on the contract one of the phones is broke.  I wanted to purchase a new phone with cash, have the new phone take over the BOGO phone while I continued to make my remaining device payments for the remainder of the 24 month contract.  Not looking to switch carriers.....not looking for any break or promotion or anything. I just want to replace the broken phone while I continue to pay for it.  Verizon said if I do this they will charge me $250 and that I have to have the same phone for the 24 month cycle.  Absolutely ridiculous on their part.  In 4 months they will lose me as a customer over this issue which would have cost them ZERO to resolve


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Re: BOGO scammed
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Having a working phone is crucial, willyd2. Let's take a closer look at what's going on. As long as you continue to pay the device payments on that line for the original device, purchasing a device outright wouldn't cause you to lose the BOGO promotion. Our BOGO deals simply require the agreements and the lines to remain active. It's also possible that your Pixel 3XL could have options for replacement as well. Please be on the lookout for a Private Note from us.