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I recently downloaded the latest update for my Pixel 2 XL phone. The one I paid a thousand dollars for? Yeah, that one. Immediately after the update my phone entered the dreaded bootloop bug. Won't go past the white load in screen. Called Pixel support (decent) then called Verizon support (the absolute worst service).  This story is not about the bootloop bug. It's about the service. 


I'm a General Manager. I have employees, commercial customers, and about 14 bosses. (I have 3 but you get my point) I work in the auto industry. There are common needs and commodity needs. A car and a phone use to be a commodity need. They have both become very crucial to having and maintaining a job in todays world. When a customer of mine is in trouble, I take care of them. Sometimes I have to do some price adjusting, sometimes I have to wave fees, sometimes I do things that aren't protocol, but necessary to get them to the happy place they deserve to be. It depends on my customers needs. I always want to help them and the last thing that I ever want to do to someone who is already in distress is to cause them more anxiety. I treat my customers the way they deserve to be treated. They way I would want to be treated... I think Verizon should write a few new pages in their book...

I spent over 6 hours on someone elses phone yesterday trying to get everything taken care of. Verizon was uncaring, combative and ultimately extremely unhelpful. They have nothing in place to help customers if an update they issue through the manufacturer breaks the phone. The workers become frustrated and talk down to the customer. At one point I after waiting on the phone for over an hour, I had a representative hang up on me because I asked them how they are able to treat people like this and not get sued... just to be clear: A paying customer was being paraded around the phone lines for hours on end and when they became frustrated the employees punished them. They literally told me "so sorry" in that smug South Park way and hung up.

This is the second phone IN A ROW I've got a bootloop on. The exact same thing happened with LGV10 2 years ago. Same results: I was inconvenienced and Verizon did nothing for me. I pay a pretty hefty phone bill ($130 a month/1 phone) and Verizon has told me I simply have to be without a phone for the next three days. They don't offer a deduction on the bill, or anything for the inconvenience. When you tell them that your phone is vital to your job they say that is on your employer, not them. They just tell you, "Tough. You have to wait." And even "overnighting" takes 3 days to arrive? This happened at 7AM on Sunday. I have been told my phone will be here by 8pm Tuesday... That's not overnight. 

It wouldn't be too terrible as I don't expect too much from the team on the phone as they barely ever try to do anything that isn't written on a script in front of them, but there are barely any stores in the area and the ones they have are terrible service and only want to sell you stuff. I have literally never been able to get help in store. They make you call in or go online and waste your time running circles. 

I woke up this morning still heated from yesterday and reminding myself that it is my money and that Verizon is far from a community or family. Just another big business ripping people off and treating them like dirt. And I've been on Verizon for 10 years. They use to treat the customer well.

This was the worst experience I have ever had as a customer anywhere.... and THERE IS NO WAY TO LEGITIMATELY COMPLAIN. And that's why nothing changes. 

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Re: BOOTLOOP UPDATE BREAK: We Break It, You Bought It
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We value your business and want nothing but the best experience for you on our network. Sorry to see that is hasn't been a good ride so far. We want to make sure your issue gets taken care of once and for all. We've sent you a private message to continue assisting you. Thank you for your time.