Bait & Switch - Pixel 6 Pro Trade-In
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I'm posting here as I've exhausted my options and can't seem to speak to anyone from Verizon.  Verizon chat goes nowhere as the person just stops replying.  Hold times for in-call are brutal.

I purchased two Pixel 6-Pros 256Gig for my wife and I for $1000 each.  The deal was that Verizon would allow trade-in of our Pixel 2XLs for $350 each.  This was based on the online appraisal.  Both our phones were in fine shape - old, but not broken or damaged in anyway as we had otterbox cases on them for years. 

We sent our phones back per the instructions.  Yesterday, I checked to see status as Verizon never provided any status.  I noticed that we were given $15 total for both phones instead of the appraised $700.  Again, no battery issues, no cracked screens, no damage on cases.  Maybe some color fading due to age, but even then it was not an issue based on appraisal.  You can understand our shock!   No reasoning or information was provided - the field was left blank for both phones. 

We've been customers with the highest plans for years now.  Getting this type of dishonest service is so very disappointing.   I would have never traded in my phones if knowing I would get $15 back.  The value is much higher for us.  Now, what do I do?  I feel very deceived by Verizon with this type of non-transparent practice. 

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Re: Bait & Switch - Pixel 6 Pro Trade-In
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It saddens us to learn you have had this experience with us, ramidaman. I would like to turn things around for you. Please send us a Private Note, so we can get to the bottom of your concerns, and reach a resolution. Looking forward to your message!