Camera stops working after upgrades

Went to Verizon store and was told to  disable the app to take it back to factory install and then enable it.  Every time it up grades, it stops working again.  When will they fix this problem?  Never know if it  will work when I need it.

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Re: Camera stops working after upgrades
Verizon Employee

JULMAR7​ ,  we appreciate all the troubleshooting you have completed in efforts to get your camera to work. I love using my camera daily and understand how this is an urgent matter. After completing a factory reset are you reloading all your applications prior to testing the Camera app? Do you receive any error messages?

Let's place your phone in Safe Mode and test out your camera. Click on the link for steps on how to place your phone in Safe mode Restart in Safe Mode - Pixel / Pixel XL, Phone by Google | Verizon Wireless  and keep us posted with your results or if your issue has been resolved.