Can't receive text messages Pixel 6

My Pixel has recently stopped getting text messages consistently.  I often miss the first text message after a period of time has passed on existing conversation threads or if a new conversation is started I will not receive the first message.  eg - When I had to log in to ask this question i had to request 2FA twice before I actually got the text. I also noticed two texts I tried to send  not going though just today, but I believe was the first time it occurred.  

Actions I have attempted to alleviate this:

  • Clear cache, clear memory of message app, close, reopen
  • Force stop messaging app and restart
  • Re-install messaging app
  • Turn off chat functionality and turn it back on
  • Reboot phone

I see some prior conversations about potentially needing to do something to the SIM card and/or also potentially having support do some backend work that will re-enable the texts so I hope someone that is familiar with the issue can help me get this taken care of quickly. TIA!


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Re: Can't receive text messages Pixel 6
Customer Service Rep

Hello, phoenixorior, we know it's important for your messages to be working properly. So we can best assist, we will be reaching out via Private Note.