Can't upgrade because of pending order that was canceled through Best Buy

My Pixel 3 phone stopped working on October 16, 2020 so I ordered an iPhone 11 Pro through Best Buy online that morning to replace it (still staying with Verizon). I was able to get my phone to work (of course!) a few hours after placing the order and canceled it, also online. Never picked up the phone because the order wasn't ready. I want to upgrade my phone to iPhone 12 now through the Verizon website, but when I go on to my order it says it is ineligible because an order is pending. I chatted with Verizon and their rep said I need to go through Best Buy to cancel it completely. I called the Geek Squad at Best Buy three days ago and they assured me that all is canceled on their end. Still pending and don't know quite what to do now. 

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