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When my new Pixel 2 was set up, Google defaulted to one of my secondary Gmail accounts and used that as my admin account. I want my primary Google account to be my admin account. How do I switch this? I considered just deleting the secondary account but since it's set up as admin, I am afraid of the unintended consequences. I appreciate any help.

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Re: Changing Admin Account
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JALSHE28, we understand how important it is to make sure your primary Google account is set up as the admin. Allow us to further investigate the details. During the original set up for your device a “Verify your account” screen will initiate for you to input your Google account. Can you please clarify if you had originally inputted your secondary account during this process? Please follow this link to view the details on step 7. Also, your device does allow you to have multiple Google accounts, can you please let us know if your secondary Google account holds a bulk of your device internal information such as being attached to the Google Play store or was this information attached to your primary Google account?



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