Cloud reset

Today I woke up with a notification that my Google cloud has been reset.  So my entire 5g of photos are now gone.  How do I go these back?  How did this happen?  I'm very upset about this!!

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Are you sure it was Google that was reset, or was it Verizon Cloud?  VzW has changed its terms for its Cloud, i.e.,

Re: lost content

How is Verizon Cloud changing, and what are my options?

Verizon Cloud is changing to a paid, premium media storage service.

Anyone with Verizon Cloud free media storage will be required to either upgrade to a premium paid option, or remove their media before their account will be deleted. You can continue to use the Verizon Cloud app to store your contacts, free of charge.

We'll send a text message and/or e-mail of these changes to your account. You can upgrade or delete your account before receiving the notification.

Verizon Cloud FAQs | Verizon Wireless