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              I'm getting to be at my wits end with this entire ordeal. I'm one of those involved in the note7's the only reason i had actually ordered the Pixel xl. I called yesterday, to make sure that yes, my preordered phone was finally going to be shipped. And sure enough, the rep kept reassuring me over and over that it would be on its way. Nothing holding it off. Today i called back due to my lack of tracking info and guess what. Shipping date has been moved to dec. 26th. So i asked the rep today, in the meantime, i what, just continue using my note7? And she says, Yes, absolutely! I asked her this three times, and finally said, so, even with the recall you're saying there's nothing wrong with me using it? And she says no, you can use it........well than what in the world is the recall for to begin with? If Verizon doesn't care if i use my note7 for the previous month, and now another month and a half.....why do i need to turn it in the begin with?

And no, i don't live close to a Verizon store, and no, i still don't have an email from Verizon saying shipment has been delayed or anything of the likes. Frankly i'm over it, and there's no way i'm waiting that much longer again, knowing good and well that ppl that ordered after me, have received theirs. ( by the way, i asked her about that too, and she explained that they just don't have a good system in place, and I should get my phone in order, but there just aren't any guarantees). And since i'm already whining, what do i get for dealing with 3 months worth of a phone ordeal? Nothing.....i get absolutely nothing lol...

Severely over it Verizon, you're dropping the ball with this. You can call this company ten times in a row, and the reps are so misinformed or uninformed, you'll literally get different answers, during every single call.

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