Data Use Baloney
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I have had months of bills and texts saying I'm over on data when I'm at work and not using the phone, and rarely even make calls.  I spent nearly an hour today with Verizon, they offered 30.00 what a laugh.  I've had MONTHS now where my 60 dollar plan is over 100.00 and alleged data overage.  Today they said they have to call back tomorrow again, can't fix the data problem to give me some back.  What a joke.  I've put in to BBB to complain, though they are always lame.  Shopping for  a new provider.  Any suggestions? I believe this Verizon thing is a ___ a word they don't let you say, a REAL word, not even a curse, to push upgrades.

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Re: Data Use Baloney
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This is very concerning to hear, we want to ensure we are reviewing this with you as soon as possible. Please send us a Private Note for further review.