December Pixel 2 $300 off not on receipt

I took advantage of the December deal on the google Pixel with no-trade in for $300 off.

I have received them but the cost/price on the receipts do not reflect the discount.

I have poked around my account online and also my email which also show no proof of the discount.

How can I verify that I will receive credit for the phones?

If I was (for some reason) not eligible for the deal then I would like to return these.


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Re: December Pixel 2 $300 off not on receipt
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Community Leader

It can take 1 to 2 billing cycles for the credits to be applied to the bill.

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Re: December Pixel 2 $300 off not on receipt
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It’s important that you receive any eligible discounts for your recent Pixel 2 purchase, DONWIL33. The promotion may not reflect on the original receipt, and as Ann154 mentioned, can take 1-2 billing cycles to appear. We’d like to take a closer look and add some clarity to this. Please respond to the private message we have sent so that we may better assist.

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