Delivery date will be updated soon...

Been checking on this daily. This morning it gave me a link to FedEx tracking. I screen shot the info but not the tracking number. Now it has disappeared from the order status again. Was on a chat with a Verizon representative. That was 45 minutes I will never get back. All Pogi kept giving me was my order number. Already have that. Where can I get that gig? To help but not really help. Anyways,  so much for the customer service experience.  It was a two hour wait at the store as well. Hopefully I'll get my phone by Christmas. 

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Re: Delivery date will be updated soon...
Customer Service Rep

I know your time is valuable. No one likes staying on that phone that long including myself. I would be wondering what is going on with my order too. I can see if I can help with your order status. You can also view it here: Are you able to view it there? -Amber