Device Trade-in

I will not be purchasing a new device from Verizon in the future.  I upgraded to a more expensive version of the phone since the 64K was not available because I thought the trade-in value was pretty good.  Turned the phone in in pristine condition only to get an email that my trade in value was reduced to half the value because of a crack in the screen.  I called the trade in support (spoke to Chris and Rowana) to confirm that the phone had no cracks or issues and they refused to adjust as I did not have a picture of my phone (if I knew there would be an issue believe me I would have taken one).  SO, I have to take their word for it that my phone has a crack and eat the rest of the trade in value which is NOT an insignificant amount.   I have been a long time customer for over 16 years and this is the cruddy response and service I receive.  Bottom line is buy your phones from Apple, Verizon is a rip off!

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