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Whenever I try to text one person using my messaging system on my Google Pixel, it adds them to a group message  and I get the error "Sorry you cannot add this media to your message." I have texted this person individually before, but now this occurs. I am able to receive messages from them, but then it puts them right back into a group message, deletes the number, and acts like the text is sending to novone. Please help!

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I’m sorry to learn that you are experiencing text messaging issues with your Pixel device, Aml3526. We are committed to provide you with troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue. It is imperative that we are 100% positive of the messaging application that is acting this way, please share a screenshot of your phone showing the messaging application icon in question.


Also, when did this messaging issue start?

Did you notice if it started after updating or installing a specific application or software?

Does this happen with only one contact or multiple contacts?


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I have the same issue with only 1 contact. Have completely removed and readded contact. Have cleared app cache. Works from default message app just not message+.

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Wife was having a similar issue on a refurbished replacement S8+ using message+.  The one contact could only recieved message in a group not as an individual.

Deleted contact from phone, cloud,  cleared cache,  and switched between messaging apps.  Only on message+, she could not send an individual text message.  After some Googling this is what worked for me.

1) Make sure your contacts are saved in Google.

2) Open the basic messenger app and set to default.

3) Go to Settings -> Apps and disable message+.

4) Uninstall updates.

5) Go to Play Store and install messenger+.

6) Open messenger+ app and set to default.

My wife is now able send texts to this individual.

My best hypothesis for the cause of this issues is that this particular contact had both a mobile and land line number.  Somehow at some point the interface between messenger+ and contacts got corrupted and individual text message was trying to use the land line number and not the mobile number.  Given the error message, that would make some sense since a "text" message is a media, from the perspective of a land line, that could not be added.