Exchange policy and restock fee

Yesterday I purchased two Google Pixel 6 phones with 256MB of memory.  About 20 minutes later I realized I only needed the 128GB models, but was told on chat that it was too late to cancel the order.  Can I take these two phones to a local Verizon store in their as-shipped (sealed) packaging to exchange them for Google Pixel 6 128MB phones without having to pay the $50 restock fee on each phone?

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Re: Exchange policy and restock fee
Customer Service Rep

Hello there cranelaker and thank you for reaching out to us today. We want to make sure that you have the phone of your choice. Because the devices shipped, they would need to be shipped back to receive credit for the return. You would be able to purchase the device from the store once it shows the phone has been received. This is because the store and our online ordering system have two separate inventories so it would require the device to be returned via the original method of purchase. If the packaging remains unopened, the restocking fee would not apply in this case. I certainly hope that information helps.-Candice