Executive complaint line?
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Does anyone have access to a complaint line beyond the "authority" of the normal customer service line?

I feel like I am talking to Beavis and Butthead at the ice cream shop......"Um...we have vanilla, chocolate and strawberry."

Ongoing problem with family/work photos being lost.   Verizon phone using the Verizon message app.  Because it is all their stuff, they have no excuses and don't have answers.

Spoken to 15+ people

EASILY hung up on 6 times.  (twice today)

Spent 10+ hours on the phone with Verizon

Been ongoing since early May

All I get are the run of the mill techs (up to and including their "escalation" department who don't know much beyond the basic data tranfer and reboot.  

Actually had an escalated ticket with the "App dept"...which they closed as "resolved" a month ago without ever actually doing anything or contacting me.

This really needs to go to a higher level who can have an impact on this problem as well as the general follow up of service techs (domestic and abroad).  

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Re: Executive complaint line?
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This issue has gone on for too long.  We want it resolved ASAP.  A private message is being sent now to assist you further.