Getting NO Data Connection Pixel 3

For the last two or three days, I've had absolutely no data connection on my Pixel 3. It ran some kind of update, and since then I've had no data-- full bars, no internet. Right now, I am on vacation at home and can use the Wi-Fi for internet connection, however, I must depend on my phone's data while I am out of the house for Ubering back and forth to work. I will not be able to do this with no internet connection at work (I go back on Monday!). 

Chat support isn't helping much as it will not pop up. I'm located in the South Suburbs of Chicago, and I've both restarted and completely shut off and turned back on my device a few times over the last few days. Anyone else having this issue? Is it related to the update?

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Re: Getting NO Data Connection Pixel 3
Customer Service Rep

I know this is the last thing you want to experience on your vacation Bazoo. No one has time for data issues including myself. I am shocked to hear that chat support did not help you. This does not sound like us at all. You have reached the right person to help you. May I have the nearest intersection and zip code? If you have not already please restart your device. Are you able to make and receive phone calls and text? What do you see next to your bars of service? Please tell me more.  AmberF_VZW