Gift data - charged but not sent
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Soooo this month we were running low on data and thought it was a good idea to get an extra 1gb. my husband sent it to himself and never received any text notification or anything in the my verizon app. I tried the next day and the same thing happened. I called that afternoon and was on hold for 45 min and on the phone for an HOUR AND A HALF. They said that my account wasn't charged and urged me to try it again, which I didn't. they weren't able to help with anything though, they simply repeated the steps that I had found on line that failed to work the first time. so now i find out that those two charges ARE on my bill and i still havent received any notification about the "gift data". so i have no idea what to do ... i have a feeling they just took our money and there is no way to get it back. plus we are still going to go over on the data this month. 

sorry for the rant #terribleservice

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Re: Gift data - charged but not sent
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Hello pidoff, thank you for contacting us today. We're concerned to learn about your experience, and we'd love to help turn it around. Please send us a private note to better assist. ~Baldo