Google Nest Hub Max Offer
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I purchased and set up (and still have active) a Wireless 5G Home Internet line. It's working wonderfully. Best decision I've ever made. However, there was a tile to receive a free Google Nest Hub Max. I clicked the tile and was taken to a page with instructions that never worked. Contacted customer service via chat and was told I had to have my service for 65 days. Okay, so I had just started so I needed to wait and I would receive an email and the tile would be available and actually work at that point. Well, my 65 days was up in December. It has now been over 80 days. No notifications, no email, and the tile is gone. I would like to get the item I was promised! I am on with customer service via chat now, but I don't have great expectations for the getting a resolution. 

Re: Google Nest Hub Max Offer
Customer Service Rep

We're honored that you are a Verizon Wireless customer. Let's see to it that every benefit goes your way. I am sending a Private Note where we can work together.