Google Pixel 2 Randomly Freezes and Crashes

So I have had my phone for less than two months. It has been in an otterbox since day one and has not suffered any damage (water or physical) about a week or two ago my phone would start freezing randomly when I was using it. It then would shut itself off. I have looked on different platforms to find an issue. I have not found one nor could I recreate the problem to show someone to get it fixed. I am very frustrated about this and want to know if there is a solution.

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Re: Google Pixel 2 Randomly Freezes and Crashes
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LizzyGC1217 We're concerned that your new Pixel 2 is causing problems. Let's see what's going on. Please answer all questions to help us find a solution. Have there been any new applications or software updates since the issues began? You mentioned this happens randomly. Let's see if we can narrow it down a bit. Does the freezing occur with the use of applications or when you're trying to perform any function? Which charger are you using with the phone?


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