Google Pixel 2 promotion

I would like to know why, 100 days after registering my Google Pixel 2, I have still not received my Google Home Mini or the monthly bill credit that was the promotion when I pre-ordered it. I have contacted Verizon support and the rebate center countless times and it never gets resolved. It's getting beyond ridiculous.

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Re: Google Pixel 2 promotion
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Did you complete the steps with Google to claim  the free home mini?-

After your Google Pixel 2 or XL gets delivered, Google will email you a code for the free Google Home Mini. There are no forms to fill out, receipts to upload, nothing. Just wait for the email, then add the Google Home Mini to your shopping cart on the Google Store. Enter that code during checkout, and it will take off the full $49.99 price of the speaker, making it 100% free.