Google Pixel 4 XL Stop working
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My phone was fully charged -everything seamed to be working just fine as was using it in the car  Google Maps as I do a lot of the time.  And my phone just randomly stopped working went BLANK/BLACK Screen and cant get it working again..  I tried charging it throughout the night but it is Blank Screen.   Anyone have this issue happen and/or what should I do?    I get frustrated going into the Verizon store cause it is like going to a car dealership .  Go to get help and 4-5 HOURS later you are buying a new phone and end up costing an arm and a leg.

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Re: Google Pixel 4 XL Stop working
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Good morning, RENWOJ26. I hope that you had a great holiday season. I also appreciate the excellent opportunity to be of assistance via this channel.


We want your phone to work as intended. Did this blank screen issue occur after updating the software?


What is the software version currently installed on your phone?


Is there any physical or water damage to the phone?


Re: Google Pixel 4 XL Stop working
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Have you tried holding the power button for 30+ seconds to trigger a restart? Have you tried accessing the Recovery Menu by: Press and hold the Power Volume Down buttons? I believe there is a Restart option in the Recovery Menu.