Google Pixel Pre Order Issues
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As I patiently wait with my Note 7, I preordered on the 17th with a ship date of 10/28. The status of my order has not changed. It says "Processing" with a ship date of 10/28. Last night 10/27 I get an email stating it won't ship until 12/2. I called Verizon, the gentleman over the phone states he can't find anything in my account that's states I have a late ship date. No one can seem to give me a clear answer. I'm wondering what's the point of preordering if they don't have enough to accommodate the orders. Its a little disappointing. No one seems to be on the same page. Wondering if anyone has any similar issues.

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Re: Google Pixel Pre Order Issues
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Same issue here. I received an email on 10/27 stating my Pixel XL had been pushed back to 12/02. Account still reports it as expected to ship on 10/28.