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Google Pixel XL 2 Screen heat damage

IMG_20180729_024502.jpgI got the pixel XL 2 about two months ago, and one night I laid on it ( room was semi hot and the phone was under my lower back), the next day a small bubble started to form on the screen and spread all the way down. Looks like condensation but I don't think there's any moisture inside. I only laid on it slightly, no reason it should have caused such damage. Wondering if I'll be able to get a replacement phone or if they'll try to say it's physical damage.  There's a big long bubblelooking spot down the entire screen, I think from heat. Anyone else get this? Halp

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Re: Google Pixel XL 2 Screen heat damage
Customer Service Rep

We know how important it is to have a device with a clean, clear screen, KRIST.THEGIRL1969. Do you currently have a screen protector on the device? When you were lying on the phone, was it pinned against anything that would apply pressure to the device unevenly?