Google Pixel XL locked
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My Google Pixel XL is locked.  It won't do anything.  All I get is the google symbol "G".  I took it to Verizon, they said there is nothing they can do.  The phone is one year, 3 mos old.  Therefore, I still owe on it.  GRRRRR.  Anybody else ever had this problem?

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Re: Google Pixel XL locked
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Good morning to you! As a valued customer, your device concerns are our concerns too and we're sorry to hear that your Google Pixel XL is locked and that it won't do anything. We've noted that your device is only displaying the Google symbol "G" and that you've taken it to Verizon. Hearing that you've been advised by our store personnel that there is nothing they can do is very concerning as our store personnel would provide troubleshooting assistance to our customers for their devices. They'd also provide you with a recommendation for the next plan of action if the issue with your device persists. May we ask exactly what was communicated to you? Was your device deemed defective or has there been any damage to it? We've also noted that you've had your device for one year and three months and that you're still paying on it (e.g. via the Device Payment Program option). Having a reliable device is very important and we also know that new devices include a one-year equipment manufacturer's warranty. Noting your reference to your device is locked and only being able to view the Google symbol "G" from your phone, are you referring to your device's screen lock not being accessible as a result of not being able to remember is lock code or something else? Can you tell our team what troubleshooting steps were initiated for your device? We'd like to help you in any way we can. - RobertC_VZW