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After the most recent Android update, I am unable to connect to my router/wi fi/internet on my home network.  This is through a land line as we have no cell service.  I have had no issues until this last update - always able to connect to the internet and to send and receive texts from our land line DSL.  No issues connecting to wi fi when cell service is present.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Google Pixel wi fi
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It's important for you to be able to connect to your WiFi network, Gourmet. I understand you mentioned having a Pixel, however, you happened to have posted on the Pixel 2 forum. Can you clarify which Pixel model you have, as both models have had recent software updates.


What happens when you attempt to connect to your home WiFi network? Has this occurred with other WiFi networks?



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Re: Google Pixel wi fi
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I would suggest checking for an update to the firmware on your router or modem.

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