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Curious if anyone here can clarify eligibility for me here. I ordered a Pixel 2 XL (with a new service agreement and monthly device payment plan) on 10/7 (back-ordered until 11/8) but my initial order was cancelled for whatever reason (nothing I did to cancel it) so I had to contact support to re-order on 10/31 (same exact order as before but this one went through) which is obviously past the eligibility date. Do I still qualify for the offer? I feel I should but I've been getting the runaround through the standard support channels. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Google home mini eligibility
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We're sorry to learn that there was some trouble with your initial order, but we certainly don't want you to feel as though you're getting the runaround. The order would have needed to have been placed during the promotional period in order to qualify for the promotion, but there may be options to help. What was the reason you told as to why your order was canceled?



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