Google pixel 6 price gouge
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Why did you jump the price from 699 to 799? I know you got a shelf full of worthless 5s. But seriously. 200 more than the unlocked version for the prepaid version when we dont even get the same band for 4g as post paid customers as us!!. 

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Re: Google pixel 6 price gouge
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The pricing for prepaid and postpaid pixels is the same.  Sounds like u r looking at a 256 which is 799.  The 128gb prepaid is 699.  Also Verizon only sells the 5G version which is why the 128gb pixel 6 is 699 vs the pixel 6 128gb 4G at 599. I guess no one responded to u because the info is easy to find.  I figured I throw you a bone. 

Re: Google pixel 6 price gouge
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Hello,BenG7777. Our Google Pixel 6 is  $699.99 for both Prepaid and Postpaid. Please let us know where you say the phone for $200.00 more. *Cassie