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Ok. The new phone showed up here I'm it looks like I backed everything up correctly both on Google and Verizon Cloud. Since the phone was on back order it came here.

I deliberately didn't go back to the store cuz I don't necessarily want to transfer every single item from this device to the new one. The instructions that came with the new Google phone are really basic, minimal, which is fine...But before I turn this Note4 off? ASKING, anybody have any big issues backing up their stuff on the Verizon Cloud from a Note 4?

OR getting what they wanted  through Verizon cloud after powering up the Google pixel xl?

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The only thing I backed up to the Verizon cloud was contacts, and they were also backed up to my Google account.  Photos, Documents, were backed up to Google.  Apps are accessible through your Google playstore account and you can selectively install the apps you want.

My experience with Verizon cloud has been inconsistent, hence the reason I back up everything via Google, or OneDrive (an account I have from my days with a WIndows phone).