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I have a Verizon plan that qualifies me for a Google Play pass. All indications on My Verizon point towards me having activated it. However, no matter what I do, or which email I try, I don't seem to have an account and I haven't the foggiest idea how to get one shy of paying for it (which defeats the purpose of wanting to figure it out to add my kids so they'll stop costing me so much money). Anyone know what to do?

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People should actually read  your post. I have the same problem and no on seems to have a fix.  Even tho Verizon tells me it's active - it's NOT. Very frustrating!

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We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble gaming via Google Play Pass, Rsox. We defintiely want to help take a look into this. Please be on the lookout for a private note from us.


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Hi, Ready_To_Come_Unglued!

Thanks so much for letting us know about your Google Play Pass concern, I'll be delighted to help you checking on any issue you have.


If you have an eligible plan, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the My Verizon app.
  2. Tap the More icon in the lower right of the screen, then tap Add-ons & Apps. You'll be asked to sign in.
  3. From the Add-ons page, find Google Play Pass and click Get it Now.
  4. Review the promotion details and tap Enroll.
  5. View your Google Play Pass eligible devices and select Continue.
  6. Accept the Terms & Conditions and disclaimer, and tap Confirm.
  7. Tap Go to Google Play to set up your account and start playing.

You'll find more useful information on this link:


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Are you using the same Gmail account with Verizon that you use for your Google account?

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I have the same problem, I have actually been going back and forth with Verizon for 3 YEARS and still no access.

I call customer service, troubleshoot for an hour, get to tech support, troubleshoot again, every time I call, and so far I have got:

All my account plan changed

Verizon cloud added without permission

My plan changed again without permission

My plan changed AGAIN without permission

A tech told me to call Google it's not Verizon's problem (I moved that mountain and got a hold of Google, it's a Verizon-Google problem and the techs need to call Google)

"We'll escalate this ticket and call you back" 2 weeks later, no call and my ticket is marked as resolved, still no access

repeat the above step 3 more times

Verizon Cloud added AGAIN without permission

"Tier 2" tech support tells me to uninstall and re-install google play store

I'm on hold so long I forgot my name, and so did Verizon

I am on hold so long, the system tells me I've disconnected and I'm still listening to hold music

"Tier 2" tech support again tells me to uninstall and re-install google play store on my android phone

"Tier 2" tech support argues with me and refuses to send me to a supervisor after she tells me to uninstall and reinstall google play store. (this was the third one, the bar must be low)

"Tier 2 supervisor" says they will contact google and call me back because it's a verification issue, never calls back

Everything on my end says I should get it, everything Verizon tells me they see says I should get it. Email address matches, phone number matches, still no access without payment.

I feel like Verizon should pay me for all the useless hours I spent on the phone with their people training them. I'm ready to switch all 5 lines to AT&T, because at least there, I already expect horrible service and horrible customer service. Can someone fix this darn problem or give me a google play subscription gift card to apply to the account already?!? This is the only phone on the account that can't access it and this is the only phone on the account that wants to use it!



What ended up being the solution I have the same problem. 

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Hello, Fj051694. Help is here as we don't want you to have any issues with your Google Play Pass. Just need to confirm what exact issues are you experiencing?


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We're truly sorry to hear about the trouble you've been having with your Google Play Pass subscription, JennyFinX. We'll be sending a Private Note to better assist.