HDR mysteries

I am quite familiar with the concept of HDR in a standalone camera.  However, in the Pixel phone, it has me mystified.  First, search as I might, I cannot find anything on the web that would pass as an operator's manual for the Pixel phone that would help me to figure out proper operation.  So maybe one of you can set me straight. 

First, HDR+ OFF I understand.  But what is the difference between [HDR+] and [HDR+ Auto]?

Now that I'm here, can anyone tell me why when I take a photo with the camera in the landscape aspect, when I view it, it shows up in portrait mode?

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The Google Pixel is a great phone, rdrapeau. HDR+Auto is the default mode with zero shutter lag HDR+ will take a second before taking a picture. Has it always been this way when viewing the photo? When viewing the photo, what happens when you put the phone in landscape mode?


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