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Is it possible to hack/clone an Google Pixel 3 if you have access to the IEMI number? I think my account was hacked and/or phone was cloned. When i look at my location history it at times shows me somewhere else. The location is of the person I think hacked my account. Is there a way to determine if my account was hacked or cloned and by who? Yes my battery drains quicker than normal, data and my data usage is up. Thank you

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Re: Hack account or phone
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everett9, I would be concerned if I believed my phone was hacked/cloned. There is a difference between a hacked phone and a cloned phone. Don't worry, your security is extremely important to us and we are here to help you.

For a device to be hacked an application would have to be installed on your phone. A cloned phone requires copying the SIM card and the IMEI number to do so. Phone cloning is harder to do due to advances in technology.

When did the issues with your phone begin? What is the software that's installed on your phone? To find the software version, please use this link. https://www.verizon.com/support/knowledge-base-219960/


Try to check your location in another app like maps or weather. These applications will use your current location automatically.



Re: Hack account or phone
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Is it possible someone else has access to your Gmail / Google password and is using your account on their phone?  Have you changed your Google account password since this started?