How can I transfer my ringtones to the Pixel 2?

I would like to keep the same ringtone and notification tone that I have on my pixel one when I moved to my pixel 2. The tones that I like from my pixel one or not part of the tones that come with the pixel 2 is there a way I can move the tones over

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Re: How can I transfer my ringtones to the Pixel 2?
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COLMIKE1, I definitely get the need to want to retain a favorite ringtone as well. If one that you prefer did not get transferred over to the new model, you may always try connecting your old Pixel to a computer, and see if the audio file can be copied over to the Notifications folder on the Pixel 2. You may also want to try recording the file, and using that recording as a custom tone too, using a recording app through your Pixel 2.


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