How do I contact the escalation department regarding a misrepresented upgrade deal?


I got exactly the same treatment from a Verizon rep on an $800.00 credit that was to be applied to a trade in of a Pixel 2 for a new Pixel 6 as other posters.  I got a text at the beginning of July offering the deal and using chat made the deal with an agent named Kara.  She assured me that my plan would not go up in price and that all I had to pay was the $99.99 balance, taxes and and upgrade fee, all of which I charge to my card.  After I got the new phone, I never received a trade in kit.  Going into chat again about a week later, another agent told me that Kara had made a mistake and hadn't requested the trade in deal.  He said that he fixed that problem and assured me that I still had the deal.  He did caution me that sometimes these promo corrections had to be applied manually and to check back in a couple of weeks   On July 25th I did that, by phone this time.  The phone agent, Shane, told me that my old phone did not qualify for the $800.00 credit and therefore I would have to pay it off in monthly payments.  When she refused to honor the deal, I requested a supervisor.  After about a fifteen minute wait, Shane came back on the line and told me that she had fixed everything by performing a promo correction.  She assured me that I would get the $800.00 credit and that my monthly service, after taxes, would be $90.00 a month.  I said fine.

Today I received an alert on my phone that my bill had been paid electronically to the tune of $175.00!  So I called yet again.  This time I got Francisco who promised me that he would get this all sorted out.  He did.  He told me that I did not qualify for the $800.00 credit that had been promised to me and that I would have to pay $17.95 a month for three years to pay for the new phone.  So I again requested a supervisor.  After waiting about half an hour I got Elizabeth.  Not only did she fail to fix this problem, she didn't even apologize for the broken promises and wasted time this caused me, a longtime loyal Verizon customer.  She said that I didn't qualify for any deal and there was nothing she could do about it.

I might add that I never lost my temper, or my cool, and was polite through all of this ongoing dialogue.  However, the bait and switch, deceptive sales approach your reps fed me was insulting. 

Bill (wpaxt)

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