How do I get bills older than 18 months?

Hi, I require to look at bills older than 18 months. However, I could not see any such bills on the website readily available. The oldest I could see as of now is from June to july 2019. May I know how do I get bills older than 18 months. I read that these are not available readily and have to requested via a customer care representative. I tried contacting the verizon customer support and the call is all automated. It does not even try to redirect the call to a representative and provides answers to very limited questions. May I know what is the right means to get in touch with a representative.

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Re: How do I get bills older than 18 months?
Customer Service Rep

We would be happy to try and re-print past bills for you. There is a $5 reprint fee to do this. We would need to authenticate your account to do so and that needs to be done in a private message. You can also go to one of your most recent bills and write to the Correspondence team at the address at the bottom of your bill. If the bill goes back too far, that would be your only option. - ErichC_VZW