How do I speak to a manager?
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I purchased a pixel 5 a week ago. Today I received an email that the order was canceled. I did not cancel it. I called in and they would not give me the same deal or explain why it was canceled. I need to escalate, but my rep on the phone did not do anything after speaking with her for an hour. Does anyone have a back line or email contact? This is insanely frustrating. 

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Re: How do I speak to a manager?
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You'd be wasting your time. A manager has absolutely zero way of giving a promo price for an expired promotion. Same goes for the bosses boss. Only marketing has the ability to change prices and you wouldn't be able to be put in touch with them.

Cut your losses and wait for the next sale. Maybe even purchase from a big box retailer like Best Buy. Non Verizon stores can actually give you a discount up front instead of dragging it out over 2 years.