How do you add a ringtone to a pixel?
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I cannot believe that in 2017 it is actually hard to figure this out.  It should be a freaking gold mine.  I would GLADLY pay $1 for each ringtone I want, and I would probably download 10.  But NO, for some reason it's complicated. 

I went to this page and this did NOT work:

Save a Ringtone - Pixel / Pixel XL, Phone by Google | Verizon Wireless

So, what am I supposed to do?  First of all, in My Drive, there was no Ringtones folder.  So, I had to create one.  But while the MP3 file is sitting there, when I go to add the ringtone to a friend, it does NOT show up in the list. 

What am I doing wrong?  Is this so stupid easy that I'm making it too complicated?  Please help!  Smiley Happy 

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Re: How do you add a ringtone to a pixel?
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You came to the right team for help with your ringtone needs, MarkBullard. You’ve gone to some great pages for the how-to on this. I’m sad to hear they didn’t help you do what you needed. In order to assist you, we’ll need to ask questions to better understand what you want to do. Which exact Pixel device is it? Where did you get the ringtone from? Please provide more details on how the mp3 file came to be on the phone and what, if anything else, you’re able to do with that file (you stated it’s not showing up in the list you need when assigning custom ringtones to a friend’s contact). Have you powered the Pixel down since you downloaded the mp3 file?




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Re: How do you add a ringtone to a pixel?
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OK, I found the answer myself.  It would be great if Verizon would update the official KB article to reflect it. 

You do NOT put the file in the My Drive.  You put it in the Ringtones folder on the phone itself.  That set of folders is HIDDEN unless you unhide it.  So, here are the instructions.

1. When you download the file to your phone, it will automatically go to the downloads folder. 

2. Open the Downloads folder.

3. Find the mp3 file you want to use.

4. Select it by long touching it (if you short touch it, it will open).

5. Select the little 3 dots in the top right corner of the screen.

6. Select "Move to..."

7. It will look like nothing happened, but in the bottom of the screen it will offer two buttons, Cancel and Move. Ignore them for now. 

8. Select the little 3 dots again.

9. Select "Show Internal Storage".  If it says, "Hide internal storage" do not select it, and skip to the next step.

10.  Again, it will look like nothing happened, but it did.

11.  Select the hamburger (the three stripes in the top left corner).

12.  Select the phone, and this will open up all your internal folders. 

13.  NOW here you should find a folder called Ringtones.  Select it to open it.  It will likely be empty unless someone has done this before on your device. 

14.  NOW finally push the MOVE button below. 

That should do it.  Your tone should be found in the ringtone list on your phone now. 

Re: How do you add a ringtone to a pixel?

OMG, dude.  Thanks so much!