I cannot receive SMS or MMS messages on Pixel 3

I haven't been able to receive text messages on my pixel since last night. I've tried all of the troubleshooting steps that verizon offers and nothing has worked. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a fix? It's very dissappointing. I just purchased my phone on Saturday and am already having an issue. I shouldn't have switched from Apple.

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Re: I cannot receive SMS or MMS messages on Pixel 3
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First, make sure that no other messaging app on your new phone is receiving the messages (for example, you might have the stock Android Messenger and something like Verizon's Messager+ installed on the new phone). Then, make sure that no ther app anywhere is receiving messages (like on your old phone or a message app on your computer or watch). Also, make sure to disconnect from anything like MightText or any other third-party texting app, like Facebook Messenger. In fact, uninstall and disconnect from all messaging apps on your phone, computer (and watch) and web - anything that could be receiving those messages - except for the stock message app on your new phone. Also, make sure that you have a "default" text messaging app set on your new phone (it probably asked you if you wanted to set it as a default when you first launched it, but check anyway).  Then, reboot your phone.